About Felton Square

Felton Square is an senior enterprise architect for multimedia technology providing guidance with research and development, direction and planning, for processes and activates related to instructional technology, audio visual and multimedia systems, broadcast communications, including other digital and electronic operation that augments and /or relates to the university’s strategic plan.

Felton’s current project is focused on developing an instructional technology platform that would enable faculty to deliver a rich educational experience by infusing information & digital literacy; providing professional development for faculty integrating that with technology tools to promote pedagogy expansion for the purpose of propelling to a higher level of educational experiences and/or sustaining a level of continuity between education and industry.

To better understand the role technology is having on education, Felton enrolled this August,2012 into a two semester online MOOC (massive open online course) on developing on-line instruction, delivered by MriaCosta College in California, Program for Online Teaching certificate class , with the goal of   learning an acquiring  development skills for delivering education via cyber platforms.

Felton’s goal for participating in this MOOC, Program for Online Teaching; is to develop a better understanding of what is being asked of faculty as a technology integrator and instructional media developer; as faculty move to this next level of instructive strategies (online). You can follow Felton’s progress in this endeavor on his course blog fsquare435.wordpress.com and the class pedagogyfirst.org/wppf12.

Growing up in baton rouge Louisiana, where he attended Southern University A&M, to continue his education and interested in technology and fine arts; that started with enrolling into an advance fine arts curriculum from 9th to 12th grad, and a electronic engineering curriculum for 10th to 12th grade in high school. Felton attained his BS degree in Electronic Engineering Technology with a concentration in fine arts in 1977.

For the pass twenty years Felton’s background in electronics including computer electronics, information technology, broadcast engineering, video production, communication technology; and experience working in corporate American, for xenon corporation to fortune 500 companies; United Companies Leading corporation, EDS Electronic Digital Systems founded by Ross Perot, Aerotek one of the leading IT outsourcing companies and in 2000 was very instrumental helping establishing Louisiana’s newly formed Community and Technical College’s systems office and IT infrastructure.

Felton’s opportunities in education related technology projects has taken him to Lusaka, Zambia as a consultant engineer for a Democratic Governance Project sponsored by USAID through a cooperative agreement with Southern University A&M, coordinated by the Office of International Programs at Southern. Felton provided technical guidance to an out dated government run broadcast media facility, to be converted to a public training center by specifying facility, computer, TV equipment up-grades design & configuration, and recommending a course of action; Felton’s activities initiated the continued funding of over 60 million dollars to complete the project this was a four week assignment in June 1995.

The before mentioned experience as well as other project has provide Felton with a very unique diverse expertise that often have very thin lines that separate them from one another. His professional experiences has given him the opportunity to work in the above mention areas individually or in dual roles; this has allowed him to develop a very unique skill set in that he understand the autonomy of these technologies and how they can interrelate.


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