Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots

I really love to take what I like to call photo images, because when I take a camera  shot I try to make it a collaboration between me, and the natural world. I have never consider setting up a flicker account to share my images; but using flicker as a tool for education and teaching gives it real purpose I think.

The ability to annotate an image is so neat and opens up all sorts of possible uses:

  • Collaborating and participation
  • Creating games
  •  Story telling
  •  Instruction and training

Below is a screen shot of my flickr image page and link to my Snow Day 2 image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/92895143@N05/8452191549/in/photostream

flickr 3202

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2 Responses to Week 13: Creating Class Elements Part 1: Images and screenshots

  1. Laura P. says:

    I am very curious about your thoughts on creating games using annotations in Flickr. What kind of a game? How do you envision it working? That is an interesting idea!

    • fsquare435 says:

      My thinking; maybe you could create a number of notes in a image, naming them 1.30, then asking you students to identify the object where the box of the note is located, like a hunt.

      Have you student analyze, identify, comment; students would create notes about an object or some detail of an image. Each note a student creates she/he would sign it with their name and give it a number, the more notes created the more points. This also could be done associating annotations across a number of images.

      This is simple but it could be another way to engage students. . I would like to know your thoughts on this.


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