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Week 8: Creating Community

I have a conclusion, if you’re seeking to become an online instructor, have been teaching online for some time looking for professional development, or just doing research ; I recommend Pedagogy First! . One reason, most of the content in … Continue reading

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Week 7: The Online Classroom

I have been connected to the world at large via the internet most of my working career, and this POT is just a continuation of that. Pedagogy First! is a community; but different, like Claire Major stated “community in an … Continue reading

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Week 6: Internet Skills and Tools

I attended the SLOAN-C conference this week where Sebastian Thrun,  delivered a keynote address about MOOCs, and Udacity a company he co-founded ; some of you may be  familiar with the company and website, if not I invite you to please … Continue reading

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Week 5: The Online Syllabus

This week reading on creating an effective online syllabus and the ideal of making our syllabus interactive; to come alive by use of hyper-links, images, multimedia vignettes and cues,  I thought was very innovative and a natural progression with using … Continue reading

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