Week 1 – Potcert

 Program for Online Teaching Certificate Class 2012-13

Week 1 potcert

Hello All,

My name Felton Square; I’m an Enterprise Architect for Multimedia / Instructional Media Technologist at Alcorn State University Lorman, MS.  I have a background and a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, my experience range from information technology to radio/television broadcast and production.

I’m technical project manager for a mass deployment of instructional technology with a variety of technology related tool from smart -boards to lecture capture recorders and video conferencing equipment including distance

learning equipment .  This project started with a focus to equipment our faculty with tools to enhance the classroom learning experience.

The goal is to get our faculty information literate and skilled at commanding technology used to process access to information and connected to a larger world of education professionals and institutions fostering collaboration.  I’m coming to the end of the first phase of this project; deployment of technology and transitioning into application, and I’m taking on the role of teaching the teacher. Even though I have taught at the college level I need to enhance my skill-set to better help my faculty with commanding and integrating technology into their pedagogies  so they can be  innovative  and transform to this next level of instructive strategies needed to process all this information we now have access to. 

In-turn hopefully these skills will be transferred to our students across all disciplines, so I hope this class can help me teach the teacher. I’m excited!

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4 Responses to Week 1 – Potcert

  1. Laura says:

    Hi, Felton: I can’t wait to see what you write about this year in the certificate program! How soon will you be starting the next phase of your project?

    • fsquare435 says:

      By the end of this fall semester I will be wrapping up technology deployment, I have started conducting technology workshops on functional use. Next semester we plane to lunch pedagogy related workshops, bringing in a consultant to kick things off.

  2. Brenda T. Square says:

    Mr. Square…I am absolutely positive that you will command the pedagogical strategies and tools afforded you in the course. Your goal is clearly stated and the fact that you are pursuing additional knowledge to enhance your professional cognitive development is to be applauded. You have a wealth of experiences and resources that will certainly provide the impetus needed for course completion. Your enrollment in the course will also promote camaraderie at ASU, via the sharing of skills learned with the faculty. I can envision this engagement propelling you to a higher level of self-satisfaction and professionalism.

    May the force be with you!

  3. bioramaxwell says:

    Hello Felton. Thanks for telling us about your background. It is a struggle to get people tech literate, especially when they really don’t seem to be interested in doing it. Yet, it is a good struggle. The more faculty we have able to make this type of transition, the better.

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